Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Racial Profiling

I've started so many posts in the last few days and then deleted them. I get so many words on paper and then say to myself,"You're Rambling." I'll try to stand on path with this one. I actually have wavered to both sides of argument on this one. I can see the argument on how this can harm individuals and the argument of how else can we protect ourselves if we don't follow it?
Race. I have begun to get older and somewhat wiser on how I answer these questions when before, I would just blurt out what I thought.
Here goes. It came to me today when a totally unrelated argument happened on a baseball field.
That's right, I said baseball field. Last night at a Phillies game a 17 year old boy jumps onto the field running around being stupid, so in an attempt to subdue the boy, security tazed him. That's right they tazed him. Now this set off an entire whole new line of "How dare they!" He's just a boy. This is cruel and unusual punishment to get someone who's just trespassing off the field.It sparked conversations of if they're going to do that they need to post signs. They came up with again ridiculous the boys parents should sue. A total police investigation is now being conducted on whether they needed to use such force.
This is when it hit me. The whole thing.
I'm talking about Arizona redoing there laws on forcing people to show they are U.S. citizens. The fact that the line of questioning of athletes ,do the questions relate to the hiring of such athletes. The tazing of a 17 year old boy. All of these events went through my head at once.
Now if you're not familiar with the goings on in Arizona, it's become where there's such an in rush of illegal aliens and border crossing they're trying drastic measures.
If you're not familiar with the line of questions I'm talking about. It's about a athlete who was asked in a line of questioning whether or not his mother was a prostitute.
The whole thing. It hit me hard.
We're wrong. That's right all of us. We miss the point. We have become so fragile in our lives that everyone around us owes us. I don't know about you but, I was raised where in school ,"Sticks and stones may break our bones but names will never hurt us." Now as a grown-up for too many years to mention,it's become full circle. We are so worried about hurting someones feelings that we miss the point. Here's the laffer. We say we're the melting pot. We say that we have more and more people from other countries but, treat everyone like they've been here for all their lives. These people that we worry about hurting their feelings are killing us. They come into our country take advantage of our laws and kill us. That's where we are wrong.
I say without prejudice, Do what it takes to make us safe. I'm sorry but if it's a 50 year old white man stalking young teens in a area and killing them. I want you to stop every white man over 45 detain and do what it takes to make sure the people in that area are safe. I say if you're dumb enough to go to a baseball game and feel the need to run out onto the field where you don't belong, Taze him! This is the problem. We are so worried about how people will react and the special interest groups will be upset. So What!
Do you really feel you are safer flying across America? I mean really? Longer lines, higher prices.You have to take your shoes off.That makes you safe? The reality is ,that the people who want to get on board to take over the plane will find a way. Here's a thought. Ever hear of an Israeli Airline being Hijacked? Do you know why? Armed guards and quite visible at that. I'm not apologizing for my comments. I'm saying quit defending and start offending! I want people to know if their illegal or doing something wrong they're consequences not entitlements.
Thanks for Listening