Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Racial Profiling

I've started so many posts in the last few days and then deleted them. I get so many words on paper and then say to myself,"You're Rambling." I'll try to stand on path with this one. I actually have wavered to both sides of argument on this one. I can see the argument on how this can harm individuals and the argument of how else can we protect ourselves if we don't follow it?
Race. I have begun to get older and somewhat wiser on how I answer these questions when before, I would just blurt out what I thought.
Here goes. It came to me today when a totally unrelated argument happened on a baseball field.
That's right, I said baseball field. Last night at a Phillies game a 17 year old boy jumps onto the field running around being stupid, so in an attempt to subdue the boy, security tazed him. That's right they tazed him. Now this set off an entire whole new line of "How dare they!" He's just a boy. This is cruel and unusual punishment to get someone who's just trespassing off the field.It sparked conversations of if they're going to do that they need to post signs. They came up with again ridiculous the boys parents should sue. A total police investigation is now being conducted on whether they needed to use such force.
This is when it hit me. The whole thing.
I'm talking about Arizona redoing there laws on forcing people to show they are U.S. citizens. The fact that the line of questioning of athletes ,do the questions relate to the hiring of such athletes. The tazing of a 17 year old boy. All of these events went through my head at once.
Now if you're not familiar with the goings on in Arizona, it's become where there's such an in rush of illegal aliens and border crossing they're trying drastic measures.
If you're not familiar with the line of questions I'm talking about. It's about a athlete who was asked in a line of questioning whether or not his mother was a prostitute.
The whole thing. It hit me hard.
We're wrong. That's right all of us. We miss the point. We have become so fragile in our lives that everyone around us owes us. I don't know about you but, I was raised where in school ,"Sticks and stones may break our bones but names will never hurt us." Now as a grown-up for too many years to mention,it's become full circle. We are so worried about hurting someones feelings that we miss the point. Here's the laffer. We say we're the melting pot. We say that we have more and more people from other countries but, treat everyone like they've been here for all their lives. These people that we worry about hurting their feelings are killing us. They come into our country take advantage of our laws and kill us. That's where we are wrong.
I say without prejudice, Do what it takes to make us safe. I'm sorry but if it's a 50 year old white man stalking young teens in a area and killing them. I want you to stop every white man over 45 detain and do what it takes to make sure the people in that area are safe. I say if you're dumb enough to go to a baseball game and feel the need to run out onto the field where you don't belong, Taze him! This is the problem. We are so worried about how people will react and the special interest groups will be upset. So What!
Do you really feel you are safer flying across America? I mean really? Longer lines, higher prices.You have to take your shoes off.That makes you safe? The reality is ,that the people who want to get on board to take over the plane will find a way. Here's a thought. Ever hear of an Israeli Airline being Hijacked? Do you know why? Armed guards and quite visible at that. I'm not apologizing for my comments. I'm saying quit defending and start offending! I want people to know if their illegal or doing something wrong they're consequences not entitlements.
Thanks for Listening

Saturday, April 24, 2010


It's been a week since I have posted anything on my blog, so if anyone is following my apologies for not keeping up with the traditional bloggers. I'm more using this as a diary or venting tool.
Why do we support anger? I mean really. We do.
I raised three daughters telling them this ridiculous to have anger yet, I support it myself. I get so angry over things that have been done to me and don't tell the person involved that I'm furious with them. This person has wronged me so many times. I can't tell you,how much this infuriates me. Have I told this person that I feel this way? The answer is a simple no.
I have told my eldest of three countless times, don't let this anger engulf you. All that anger does is get you flustered, unsettled and frustrated. Meanwhile, the person that has angered you knows nothing. That person is going on in everyday life oblivious of the emotions that you're going through. Is this fair? As I have told my kids,Fair's in August!(state fair in Iowa,always slated second week in August)
Why, does anger have her nasty talons in me?(Please excuse reference that anger is a woman) Why can't I come to grips with her and draw some sort of compromise of ,You don't mess with me and I won't mess with you!
I'll tell you why. I mean,until this morning I had no idea why I was able to keep this to myself and not tell this person how I really feel. It's because,by telling this person not only affects their being but, others around them. I feel by telling the truth about this person ,makes me look like a bitter old man lashing out to make himself look better.
I mean really. If I was so angry about this why didn't I say this years ago. I'll tell you why. Protection.
Protection of all parties involved. If I said what I felt, others wouldn't benefit at all ,only be hurt. Lashing out, only hurts people around the two involved. The uncomfortableness that comes from ("Wanna get away for awhile.") being there when the lashing happens.
This is why anger has to be released! It must happen in privacy of your own home! So therefore, lookout Pillow!! I'm gonna beat the stuffing out of you today and hopefully you'll forgive me so that I can use you again tonight!!

Thanks for listening!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Writing ones,picture ones, informative ones and just outright complaining ones!
I find myself starting a thought and then saying there's a pattern to what I just wrote. but, isn't that who we are? I mean, if we continually beat up the english language with our strokes on a keyboard, a spellchecker and a thesaurous won't change that shortfall.
We are creatures of habit, and by sutle changes of our behavior we try to better ourselves. Or do we? I am now going to make you think.
Seriously, better our selves? Who are we kidding. Do you know where I am going yet? Diets,quitting smoking,drinking,watch your language, being faithful, be nicer at work.
What are these? Efforts to better ourselves?
Highly unlikely. yeah, that's what I said . Don't believe it. Please look at the statistics. Diets seldom work, quitting bad habits ,most fall back to old habits. People are nicer for awhile then have the blow-up. Face it,we are who we thought we were. Everyone of these things we try to improve on are for one thing and one thing only.
To be accepted. That's right,accepted. We want to be liked. Whether in a job you hate or relationship you're working on,whether relationship is with yourself or other.
We want to be liked. This is why we constantly try to change the imperfections we all possess and hopefully someone whom we care for takes notice making the effort easier.But the problem is even when they do notice unless it continues on into the future that's, when the fall happens.
This is where I say then, please if you're dieting or quitting smoking or other bad habits then do it for one reason and one only. Don't attempt this if it's because someone is making fun of or harassing you constantly. The results will surprise you. You see, I have done these things that I speak of in my blog. I have tried to quit several things and several times for other people.But, until I wanted to quit for me(not to be liked)this was not achieved. It also was a lot easier when I wanted too and not forced by others.
I mean let's face it,if I wanted to be liked by my writing I wouldn't be able to write this today in five minutes. I would write and rewrite and then probably delete this post.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beauty Always High Maintenance

Please tell me I'm wrong! The warmness, the freshness, the ever wishing she would get here and also at same time treat me better. I'm sorry but, she is beautiful and everytime she comes around I can't wait to see her,drink in her beauty and smell all about her. The problem is that she treats me like crap. I'm serious. The more I see her beauty and smell her awesomeness,the sicker I become. I long for her and she brings me down. I don't sleep well,I'm near to tears and it gets no better.
You probably are saying why put up with it? I say,what am I supposed to do? It's not like I can move anywhere to get away from her.
I would if you could give me choice. At this time I see no choice. I mean after all she comes around every year.
That's right every year. Spring. That's what I was talking about, spring. What were you thinking? My allergies kill me every spring, I love her but I suffer everytime. Beauty like that is always high maintenance.
Thanks for listening.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Etiquette Police

Good Morning,
I say this because it needs to be said. I couldn't sleep this morning ,so I watched a movie from bed. I then got up to see that we were low on coffee(real reason, I wanted some banana nut bread)therefore, proceeded to the store. I pull into the parking space, so very many of them this early and notice a vehicle.The reason I notice this vehicle is because, it is cutting corners, slicing it's way through multiple spaces and then through several handicapped spaces. Finally deciding on one spot close to the front door. I have now gotten out of my truck,I look over to see her,yes her, I can see this now because she had cut across me to get to this spot. I also notice it is a newer BMW. The spot we speak of that she has pulled into, a handicapped space. I look for the plates,I look for the mirror emblem. Nothing. I can see no distinction that determines that this person needs or requires the assistance of this spot, reserved for those in dire need of this prime real estate. I hesitate, she has now opened her door and proceeded to the front of the store only pausing long enough to stare in my direction. Say it Now! I really am saying this to myself .Do it Now! I mean really, here it is 7:03 a.m. on a Sunday morning and my opportunity arises. People that know me ,know that I am forever forcing my opinion on them whether they want it or not! This is an outrage! How dare her! She doesn't deserve this space. I mean really,who does she think she is!! There is a space exactly 28 feet farther away from the door. Seriously! What are we talking about here? 7 paces,8 if your stride is smaller.Now! Tell her!! I said.. I mean I blurted out!Nothing. That's right given the great opportunity that I had, I dropped the ball. I mean seriously dropped it and booted it right out of bounds where no one could recover. I merely went into the store grabbed my coffee and would you believe no banana nut bread! (this will definitely be a later topic)I had to settle for blueberry sliced creme cake. An excellent second choice by the way!
As I strolled through the store I would catch glimpses of her darting back and forth checking pastries doughnuts,breads etc. I felt at the time she was taunting me,really daring me to say something to her. Yet.I did nothing. I paid for my two items and was walking out the storefront noticing that the newer BMW was no longer violating all the laws I figured up in my head (adding several to them) and if caught I figured she would surely get the chair!!
It hit me. That's right it hit me. I'm not talking a gentle you're laying on couch snoozing and your better half nudges you "Get up ,go to bed" hits. I'm talking standing on ground floor ,elevator shaft dropping ton of bricks from roof top hit me!!
It hit me why I didn't say anything. I was wrong. Yes, I,not her, was wrong. I did one of those replays in my mind where you see everything at 1/60Th of speed that it actually happened. When she arrived in the lot she went across several handicapped spots,for you see around here the handicapped spots are probably twenty in front of store. None were being used at this time of morning. She went across several probably thinking can't Park there and picked actually the farthest one away from store opening anyway. She in my estimation was only in store maybe two and half maybe three minutes.
I know what you're thinking,because I was thinking same thing. It's still not your space. Who was she depriving from being able to use it? No one.
Example. It's three in the morning light is red for oh,let's just say what you think is a half an hour. do you stay till what you know by experience takes someone behind you to click the light green? Or do you run red light?
Example. It's posted 25mph on your street that you have lived on forever.You know it's ridiculous that's 25mph. I mean really, no houses within five hundred yards do you go 25 or 32mph? This precisely what I am talking about. I have become the person who sits in the fast lane driving the freaking posted limit daring anyone to HONK!! But wait! There's hope. You see, I didn't say anything to her! I, who have broken countless number of laws(including grammar and spelling) have finally figured out that it's not my job!! I (the Etiquette Police)don't need to tell them they're doing something wrong!! They KNOW it!!And in closing if they don't care about breaking the law,they sure don't care whether I see it and then tell them about it. Because they know in their heart I too have broken some along the way.

Thanks for Listening

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Never Comes Early

I think back to when my youngest daughter Kristin,was about 7 or 8. At this age her dad was probably the most important thing in her life,other than stuffed animals and kittens. "Dad" she says. " I'm never getting married. Boys are stupid."

Never came this last July 4th when she married Will.

I think back this time to when she was 11 or 12. This time kids from daycare were getting on her nerves. "Dad, I'm never having kids." Never came again, for today she and Will had a baby girl at 9:16 a.m. Hawaii time.

These are the things that I thought about today,for you see I remember when I had my first child. I was telling guys at work and one said to me, next thing you know kids having kids. I said then and there" I'm never having grandkids."

Today having first grandchild. Never came early.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Take it All Away, Leave no Choices!!!

This particular day has been kinda long and very philosophical.I think this topic has been building for awhile. I have been noticing a trend over the last year and I think it's growing.
Let me start by saying when were all the decisions made for us leaving no choices anymore? I mean really. I am 6'3" and a mere 198 lbs. I have been this for most of my adult life. I eat basically the right things. I get the exercise I need to maintain my health and weight from the work I do. I love my veggies and don't really eat more than needed.I eat to live not live to eat. Now, having said that,would someone please tell me why I have had all the bad choices taken from me to make? I'm talking about at fast food restaurants. Seriously, they bombard you with huge sodas but, then make the lemonade sugar-free. They leave the ranch dressing alone but, make french fat free. Are you kidding me? I'm especially disturbed now because they have now messed with my Popsicles at my local grocery store.You guessed it making them all sugar-free!!! I mean where do they get off messing with my only weakness!! I have over the years given up everything, smoking over fifteen years ago, drinking two years ago, so now they have literally taking away my choice to enjoy lemonade, Popsicles and my french dressing. I actually heard that the president of some movie theaters was going to get rid of the popcorn,because it's not healthy!! Two words Pa-Lease!!!! They give you all the soda and candy you want to drink and eat but noooooo popcorn!!
Let's get away from that topic and talk about other things I love. Violent video games, movies and an occasional bet at the casino. If you listen to all the critics by these things I mentioned I should be a person who was a bully in High school, beat his kids,kicked the dog and shoots up all the animals in the neighborhood.
I am none of these. I think first of other peoples feelings(most of the time)I served my country,Love my flag and bear no arms. I don't hunt nor do I co done those that do.
What I do believe is that people need to be accountable for their actions and their part in all that they do.Consequences for their actions. Ask any of my daughters and they will tell you I preached it.
I am tired of special interest groups banning everything they believe is bad for you. Wasn't it in the beginning they were burning books? I think I was a young parent when someone came to my house and said to me," I can't believe all the little items you have out on tables." When I looked at them with a puzzled expression on my face,they followed it with," You have small children, how do you keep them from taking them?"
I simply replied," Huh, I tell them no?" I think that sums it up right there. You can't take it all away,you have to leave choices.If you don't no responsibility no thought process.No chance to win, no chance to fail.
Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ku-Ku- Too much to chew?

WoW! Great responses and Thank you so much for following my organized ramblings. There was some awesome feedback too. I think you know that when you write something and reread it you say to yourself is it too much? I can see by the responses it wasn't too much.

Now for business at hand. I, being a service Electrician pride myself in being able to trouble shoot problems and correct them relatively easily. I have been an electrician for over.... Let's just say longer than some people have been alive?

This being said. Is it just me? When you're trying something new, is it really as hard as I make it out to be? I mean really. I just started the blogging stuff and want to display some stuff and I look at templates and drawings ,ads and Etc.ETC.. My goodness, I don't even know what they're talking about let alone what to put on my page.I mean where does the terminology come from that they use on here? Dashboard,comment moderation, Monetize? I mean really, help me out!! I'm thinking in one minute I'm in a car to the next wanting to know if I've bitten off more than I can chew. I hit one button next thing I know it takes me seven more to get back where I was to begin with thirty minutes ago. I tried the spellcheck on here, seems a little prehistoric. I type texting and anywhere it was it came up as an unknown. I mean really? I don't know,it's been a long day for me so maybe I'll just play with pictures a little and try and change background but, really, I visited some of your pages. I'm like a toddler hanging out with the adults waiting for someone to say ," Come on, It's your nap time. "
Maybe I'll figure out some more goodies before I get back on tommorow.

Thanks for Listening.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TO text or Not to Text That is the Question...

OK Sports fans, Those of you that are of the younger persuasion please refrain from the," I was only a baby " comments. Two of you, I already know that since you were there!!!Daughter one and daughter two!!! Now for the bigger question. Those of you who text while driving know this, You are more dangerous than a drunk driver!! I am so tired of hearing that," I can text and drive even better while driving." Seriously? Where are you getting this information? Fact. If you are texting, your focus is down and not on the road. Fact. The mere fact that you believe you can text and not effect your driving is saying you know very little about driving.
I'm a Service Electrician and I am constantly on the the road, daily and throughout city driving. Most of the accidents I see during the day are the tailers (people who just put space in front of them behind another vehicle)who sit in the lane texting and when all of a sudden stops or lane changing occurs, they wreck. I haven't really decided lesser of two evils, cell usage or texting, both are distracting and scares me anytime I'm around either.
The comment I said earlier about worse than drunk drivers? Think about this, most drunk drivers are only driving that way once a month or less frequent than that. Texting happens everyday mostly two or threes times during that day. That makes it closer to 750 times a year. This increases chances of an accident and harm to other people.
So in closing I just want to say that all comments are my opinions and my experiences influenced by only of what I see during the day. The scariest thing that I see while driving is most of the time I see the texting, I see that in the back there are car seats and kids in those said seats.
I would also like to know what is so important that has to be texted before you get to your destination and what did you do before the invention of cell phones and personal managers?
In closing, as of January 26,2010 It is unlawful to text in any commercial truck or commercial vehicles carrying 9 or more people. Wikipedia has an amazing graph that shows response between alcohol,cells and texting response times. In all instances the alcohol impaired fared better than the other two. I probably haven't changed any ones mind but,I just wanted you to have more information to make a decision of..To Text or Not to text.

Thanks for Listening

Monday, April 5, 2010

OH Canada, Really our Friend?

May I start by saying Thankyou for all the responses,although by doing so you may have created a beast. I would like to say that anyone that knows me, knows that I am going to always say things to make you think.
Todays topic is a combination of several things about our neighbors to the north. I will start by saying that I have visited Canada as a child and as a young adult. I have always thought what a beautiful land and have thought that the people have been friendly but, distant. After several conversations with friends of mine and doing a little research,I have discovered something that may shock you.
I can't go into Canada anymore. Yes, I said I CAN'T go into Canada anymore. This is not by my choice but, by their government. Yes, it's true.You see, after 9-11 occurred their government made a deal with the United States to tie into our computers and pull up our entire files. Now you say, no big deal right? I mean if you've done nothing wrong,what's the problem? That's just it.I found out that in Canada, there are no misdemeanors. That's right any arrest no matter when it was, if convicted is considered a felony. So if you have any misdemeanors in your past, you MAY NOT enter Canada. I have a DUI,that I got back in 1989 and as a matter of fact I don't even drink anymore; let alone drink and drive. So much for making a mistake 20 years ago. Our friends to the north don't give out second chances. I have talked to people that have been going to Canada for years and now can't. I mean really. I have a little bit of a problem with this because I now live a little closer to the border and have wanted to veiw the Falls from their side. If you've been up to Niagra Falls,it's kinda run down and sloppy from this side. I have heard that I can make a request to their government for entering, pay a fee and possibly gain entrance but, I ask you why should I? Basically Canada, who is telling me by their standards,I'm a felon and don't deserve entrance to their country.
I guess that's their way of protecting their people and I can't blame them but kinda hurts thinking that they think less of me because I made a mistake over 20 years ago.

Thanks for Listening

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Easter

Wow! Where do I start? Easter Sunday. What a glorious day. I won't start by saying that I too have been re-born just as the son of God was on this day. Blogging? Really? Is that where I have gone too. I have resorted to the fact that no one around me has the time or the interest to hear what I have to say so I type it on a blank sheet of paper hoping that someone feels the same way I do.
I think the most frustrating thing that goes on today is the fact of most of us have become so numb to the everyday goings on in life. What do I speak of, you ask? The fact of the matter is,we have been consumed and bombarded with things that don't work, don't last and have been so accepted by everyone that they have a name for it.
An Update. Yes folks, an Update. It isn't Hey, we have an inferior product not ready for sale and we'll work out problems after we've sold it. It's here you go,it's almost good but, don't worry by the time it shuts down, after numerous updates have been uploaded,downloaded and just a load of..Never fear the latest and greatest second version of uncompleted,untested and forever shutting down premature new product will be on the market.

I mean really. Are you kidding me? What happened to us? Where are the values our parents and there parents instilled in us. The I'm not accepting even the lightest of imperfections and anything we use or sell. In just a mere twenty years we have gone from Made in the U.S.A. to sold out to the lowest bidder and it's not really any good but,what do expect for what you paid for it?

Seriously people. Here are the facts. We have finally gone from exporting more than we import too now we import over 65% of what we use.This is never good. We've gone from we can wait because it's worth it to,Give it to me now even if it's not ready. I exaggerate? Do you want some examples? Here we go. Nextel. That's right,Nextel. Sheer marketing genius. You had to have it. quick connect. Brilliant! Not only a cell phone but a walkie talkie! Let's expand.

Now, Basically we are talking about a product that when first appeared on the market had no service in office buildings, and more than 5 miles from any interstate. It also had to be used where everyone had to not only listen to you talking in your outside voice but, also to that excessive chirping sound it made every time it connected to your party.I know, your saying I'm being petty. Really? Brilliant invention? Walkie talkies have been around for almost 200 years.There really isn't really anything new about them.Second isn't the reason we have cells is to stay connected to our party? Nextel had the biggest dropped calls of any carrier.They also had the least amount of coverage. They warrantied nothing. they only put you in a bigger brighter version of needing something.They gave you unlimited free usage between Nextel subscribers.Brilliant. Do you see where I am going? Therefore more and more people then had to have this inferior product so as their clientele increased they then could but more towers to increase their coverage. They had to market it like it was the best thing since sliced bread so that they could sell more so that they could make product better so that a bigger company that actually put out a superior product would be afraid of the competition and then say ok we'll buy you.Sprint. This is the condensed version of what happened but in a nutshell it still happened.

My point is not to pick on Nextel but to show only one of many products that fail and we just buy the better warranty instead of improving the product.Microsoft windows? X-box360? Toyota cars now? Latest and greatest LCD Tv's? If you look up any of these you will see that all of them have either names of what goes down and have given nicknames like Red is Dead or Accelerator sticks,a slight imperfection to latest and greatest software update.

One thing is for sure with all of these products,as long as they continue to market you have to have it and as long as you continue to buy it,it will never be fixed and they will just put out the classic statement that these things take time to work out the imperfections and just please continue to download the updates to improve your overall performance.If you do have trouble with the download be sure and use our toll free number that leads directly to a web-address therefore no one from our company has to actually directly explain why once again our product has failed you.

Thanks for Listening.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Time. How we measure this is all determined on how we preceive the perception of time. If we are younger in life,its measured in forever. If we're older, its measured in moments, snapshots taken throughout our life,only to be recalled when the circumstances require it.