Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Easter

Wow! Where do I start? Easter Sunday. What a glorious day. I won't start by saying that I too have been re-born just as the son of God was on this day. Blogging? Really? Is that where I have gone too. I have resorted to the fact that no one around me has the time or the interest to hear what I have to say so I type it on a blank sheet of paper hoping that someone feels the same way I do.
I think the most frustrating thing that goes on today is the fact of most of us have become so numb to the everyday goings on in life. What do I speak of, you ask? The fact of the matter is,we have been consumed and bombarded with things that don't work, don't last and have been so accepted by everyone that they have a name for it.
An Update. Yes folks, an Update. It isn't Hey, we have an inferior product not ready for sale and we'll work out problems after we've sold it. It's here you go,it's almost good but, don't worry by the time it shuts down, after numerous updates have been uploaded,downloaded and just a load of..Never fear the latest and greatest second version of uncompleted,untested and forever shutting down premature new product will be on the market.

I mean really. Are you kidding me? What happened to us? Where are the values our parents and there parents instilled in us. The I'm not accepting even the lightest of imperfections and anything we use or sell. In just a mere twenty years we have gone from Made in the U.S.A. to sold out to the lowest bidder and it's not really any good but,what do expect for what you paid for it?

Seriously people. Here are the facts. We have finally gone from exporting more than we import too now we import over 65% of what we use.This is never good. We've gone from we can wait because it's worth it to,Give it to me now even if it's not ready. I exaggerate? Do you want some examples? Here we go. Nextel. That's right,Nextel. Sheer marketing genius. You had to have it. quick connect. Brilliant! Not only a cell phone but a walkie talkie! Let's expand.

Now, Basically we are talking about a product that when first appeared on the market had no service in office buildings, and more than 5 miles from any interstate. It also had to be used where everyone had to not only listen to you talking in your outside voice but, also to that excessive chirping sound it made every time it connected to your party.I know, your saying I'm being petty. Really? Brilliant invention? Walkie talkies have been around for almost 200 years.There really isn't really anything new about them.Second isn't the reason we have cells is to stay connected to our party? Nextel had the biggest dropped calls of any carrier.They also had the least amount of coverage. They warrantied nothing. they only put you in a bigger brighter version of needing something.They gave you unlimited free usage between Nextel subscribers.Brilliant. Do you see where I am going? Therefore more and more people then had to have this inferior product so as their clientele increased they then could but more towers to increase their coverage. They had to market it like it was the best thing since sliced bread so that they could sell more so that they could make product better so that a bigger company that actually put out a superior product would be afraid of the competition and then say ok we'll buy you.Sprint. This is the condensed version of what happened but in a nutshell it still happened.

My point is not to pick on Nextel but to show only one of many products that fail and we just buy the better warranty instead of improving the product.Microsoft windows? X-box360? Toyota cars now? Latest and greatest LCD Tv's? If you look up any of these you will see that all of them have either names of what goes down and have given nicknames like Red is Dead or Accelerator sticks,a slight imperfection to latest and greatest software update.

One thing is for sure with all of these products,as long as they continue to market you have to have it and as long as you continue to buy it,it will never be fixed and they will just put out the classic statement that these things take time to work out the imperfections and just please continue to download the updates to improve your overall performance.If you do have trouble with the download be sure and use our toll free number that leads directly to a web-address therefore no one from our company has to actually directly explain why once again our product has failed you.

Thanks for Listening.


  1. Great thought-provoking post. I found your name on your friend, Jennifer Daiker's blog post and thought I'd check it out. Glad I did.

  2. Welcome to Blogger! I found you by way of Jen's blog. Hope you're enjoying this crazy adventure so far, and I look forward to reading more from you.

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  6. Hi, Dave! I popped over from Jen's blog to say hello and welcome. Be careful, though - this blogging stuff is addictive! :-)