Saturday, April 24, 2010


It's been a week since I have posted anything on my blog, so if anyone is following my apologies for not keeping up with the traditional bloggers. I'm more using this as a diary or venting tool.
Why do we support anger? I mean really. We do.
I raised three daughters telling them this ridiculous to have anger yet, I support it myself. I get so angry over things that have been done to me and don't tell the person involved that I'm furious with them. This person has wronged me so many times. I can't tell you,how much this infuriates me. Have I told this person that I feel this way? The answer is a simple no.
I have told my eldest of three countless times, don't let this anger engulf you. All that anger does is get you flustered, unsettled and frustrated. Meanwhile, the person that has angered you knows nothing. That person is going on in everyday life oblivious of the emotions that you're going through. Is this fair? As I have told my kids,Fair's in August!(state fair in Iowa,always slated second week in August)
Why, does anger have her nasty talons in me?(Please excuse reference that anger is a woman) Why can't I come to grips with her and draw some sort of compromise of ,You don't mess with me and I won't mess with you!
I'll tell you why. I mean,until this morning I had no idea why I was able to keep this to myself and not tell this person how I really feel. It's because,by telling this person not only affects their being but, others around them. I feel by telling the truth about this person ,makes me look like a bitter old man lashing out to make himself look better.
I mean really. If I was so angry about this why didn't I say this years ago. I'll tell you why. Protection.
Protection of all parties involved. If I said what I felt, others wouldn't benefit at all ,only be hurt. Lashing out, only hurts people around the two involved. The uncomfortableness that comes from ("Wanna get away for awhile.") being there when the lashing happens.
This is why anger has to be released! It must happen in privacy of your own home! So therefore, lookout Pillow!! I'm gonna beat the stuffing out of you today and hopefully you'll forgive me so that I can use you again tonight!!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Anger sucks, and feeling it sucks more. I always remember you telling me the Fair is in August and I still use it in my daily life... silly I know but it gives me a different perspective (and an annoyance that has never quite gone away, lol)

    Good luck with your anger, I still haven't mastered how to handle it. Then again does anyone?