Saturday, April 17, 2010


Writing ones,picture ones, informative ones and just outright complaining ones!
I find myself starting a thought and then saying there's a pattern to what I just wrote. but, isn't that who we are? I mean, if we continually beat up the english language with our strokes on a keyboard, a spellchecker and a thesaurous won't change that shortfall.
We are creatures of habit, and by sutle changes of our behavior we try to better ourselves. Or do we? I am now going to make you think.
Seriously, better our selves? Who are we kidding. Do you know where I am going yet? Diets,quitting smoking,drinking,watch your language, being faithful, be nicer at work.
What are these? Efforts to better ourselves?
Highly unlikely. yeah, that's what I said . Don't believe it. Please look at the statistics. Diets seldom work, quitting bad habits ,most fall back to old habits. People are nicer for awhile then have the blow-up. Face it,we are who we thought we were. Everyone of these things we try to improve on are for one thing and one thing only.
To be accepted. That's right,accepted. We want to be liked. Whether in a job you hate or relationship you're working on,whether relationship is with yourself or other.
We want to be liked. This is why we constantly try to change the imperfections we all possess and hopefully someone whom we care for takes notice making the effort easier.But the problem is even when they do notice unless it continues on into the future that's, when the fall happens.
This is where I say then, please if you're dieting or quitting smoking or other bad habits then do it for one reason and one only. Don't attempt this if it's because someone is making fun of or harassing you constantly. The results will surprise you. You see, I have done these things that I speak of in my blog. I have tried to quit several things and several times for other people.But, until I wanted to quit for me(not to be liked)this was not achieved. It also was a lot easier when I wanted too and not forced by others.
I mean let's face it,if I wanted to be liked by my writing I wouldn't be able to write this today in five minutes. I would write and rewrite and then probably delete this post.


  1. I love to be liked, and I always strive to better myself, if only for a moment I feel like I've accomplished something.

  2. Jen, That was very thought provoking.Thankyou for your insight.