Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TO text or Not to Text That is the Question...

OK Sports fans, Those of you that are of the younger persuasion please refrain from the," I was only a baby " comments. Two of you, I already know that since you were there!!!Daughter one and daughter two!!! Now for the bigger question. Those of you who text while driving know this, You are more dangerous than a drunk driver!! I am so tired of hearing that," I can text and drive even better while driving." Seriously? Where are you getting this information? Fact. If you are texting, your focus is down and not on the road. Fact. The mere fact that you believe you can text and not effect your driving is saying you know very little about driving.
I'm a Service Electrician and I am constantly on the the road, daily and throughout city driving. Most of the accidents I see during the day are the tailers (people who just put space in front of them behind another vehicle)who sit in the lane texting and when all of a sudden stops or lane changing occurs, they wreck. I haven't really decided lesser of two evils, cell usage or texting, both are distracting and scares me anytime I'm around either.
The comment I said earlier about worse than drunk drivers? Think about this, most drunk drivers are only driving that way once a month or less frequent than that. Texting happens everyday mostly two or threes times during that day. That makes it closer to 750 times a year. This increases chances of an accident and harm to other people.
So in closing I just want to say that all comments are my opinions and my experiences influenced by only of what I see during the day. The scariest thing that I see while driving is most of the time I see the texting, I see that in the back there are car seats and kids in those said seats.
I would also like to know what is so important that has to be texted before you get to your destination and what did you do before the invention of cell phones and personal managers?
In closing, as of January 26,2010 It is unlawful to text in any commercial truck or commercial vehicles carrying 9 or more people. Wikipedia has an amazing graph that shows response between alcohol,cells and texting response times. In all instances the alcohol impaired fared better than the other two. I probably haven't changed any ones mind but,I just wanted you to have more information to make a decision of..To Text or Not to text.

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  1. You are so right! Last year one of our local high school girls was texting while driving. The high school girl lived, but she killed a pregnant mother and her 12 year-old son who were on their way home from a middle school choir concert.

    No texting while driving!

  2. I agree! I can't stand people who text and drive. I always wait to answer a text when I'm safely parked. If my cell phone rings, I usually have my daughter answer it while I drive. (Almost always it is her dad, cause I don't get cell phone calls) I do try to be safe about it and yell at people (from the confines of my car) when I see them texting. :D

  3. No more baby comments I promise! Love the kitty picture... hey wait a minute isn't that Kristins kitty? Where the heck are yours?!

    As for texting while driving I've been known to do it *ashamed* but since the new law was passed I no longer text nor do I use my cell phone (well bluetooth yes) in a school zone!

    Go me!

  4. Here in NZ the government has just made it illegial to use a mobile phone while driving.

    I popped over from Jen's blog :o)

  5. I must admit that even though it is against the law i am known to text while driving (well stopped @ a red light & if it turns green i set it down & finish when i get to another red light) So technically i am not texting while driving lol. And sorry i will try not to state that i was a baby whenever you mention dates... lol.. you can virtually slap me if you would like then maybe i will remember lol