Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ku-Ku- Too much to chew?

WoW! Great responses and Thank you so much for following my organized ramblings. There was some awesome feedback too. I think you know that when you write something and reread it you say to yourself is it too much? I can see by the responses it wasn't too much.

Now for business at hand. I, being a service Electrician pride myself in being able to trouble shoot problems and correct them relatively easily. I have been an electrician for over.... Let's just say longer than some people have been alive?

This being said. Is it just me? When you're trying something new, is it really as hard as I make it out to be? I mean really. I just started the blogging stuff and want to display some stuff and I look at templates and drawings ,ads and Etc.ETC.. My goodness, I don't even know what they're talking about let alone what to put on my page.I mean where does the terminology come from that they use on here? Dashboard,comment moderation, Monetize? I mean really, help me out!! I'm thinking in one minute I'm in a car to the next wanting to know if I've bitten off more than I can chew. I hit one button next thing I know it takes me seven more to get back where I was to begin with thirty minutes ago. I tried the spellcheck on here, seems a little prehistoric. I type texting and anywhere it was it came up as an unknown. I mean really? I don't know,it's been a long day for me so maybe I'll just play with pictures a little and try and change background but, really, I visited some of your pages. I'm like a toddler hanging out with the adults waiting for someone to say ," Come on, It's your nap time. "
Maybe I'll figure out some more goodies before I get back on tommorow.

Thanks for Listening.

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  1. Yeah, the blogging thing was hard to figure out at first. I'm still learning! I think the most important thing you need to decide is where you want the blog to go and what you want people to know about you. Then you can post up any ol' thing you want and give as little or as much info about your self.
    It can change later, no big deal. Nothing is set in stone. But it took me awhile to fit in I suppose and find my "look" and I share different things with people because I'm a writer.
    I'm always up for some ramblings though! I love to ramble, can you tell? :D