Sunday, April 11, 2010

Etiquette Police

Good Morning,
I say this because it needs to be said. I couldn't sleep this morning ,so I watched a movie from bed. I then got up to see that we were low on coffee(real reason, I wanted some banana nut bread)therefore, proceeded to the store. I pull into the parking space, so very many of them this early and notice a vehicle.The reason I notice this vehicle is because, it is cutting corners, slicing it's way through multiple spaces and then through several handicapped spaces. Finally deciding on one spot close to the front door. I have now gotten out of my truck,I look over to see her,yes her, I can see this now because she had cut across me to get to this spot. I also notice it is a newer BMW. The spot we speak of that she has pulled into, a handicapped space. I look for the plates,I look for the mirror emblem. Nothing. I can see no distinction that determines that this person needs or requires the assistance of this spot, reserved for those in dire need of this prime real estate. I hesitate, she has now opened her door and proceeded to the front of the store only pausing long enough to stare in my direction. Say it Now! I really am saying this to myself .Do it Now! I mean really, here it is 7:03 a.m. on a Sunday morning and my opportunity arises. People that know me ,know that I am forever forcing my opinion on them whether they want it or not! This is an outrage! How dare her! She doesn't deserve this space. I mean really,who does she think she is!! There is a space exactly 28 feet farther away from the door. Seriously! What are we talking about here? 7 paces,8 if your stride is smaller.Now! Tell her!! I said.. I mean I blurted out!Nothing. That's right given the great opportunity that I had, I dropped the ball. I mean seriously dropped it and booted it right out of bounds where no one could recover. I merely went into the store grabbed my coffee and would you believe no banana nut bread! (this will definitely be a later topic)I had to settle for blueberry sliced creme cake. An excellent second choice by the way!
As I strolled through the store I would catch glimpses of her darting back and forth checking pastries doughnuts,breads etc. I felt at the time she was taunting me,really daring me to say something to her. Yet.I did nothing. I paid for my two items and was walking out the storefront noticing that the newer BMW was no longer violating all the laws I figured up in my head (adding several to them) and if caught I figured she would surely get the chair!!
It hit me. That's right it hit me. I'm not talking a gentle you're laying on couch snoozing and your better half nudges you "Get up ,go to bed" hits. I'm talking standing on ground floor ,elevator shaft dropping ton of bricks from roof top hit me!!
It hit me why I didn't say anything. I was wrong. Yes, I,not her, was wrong. I did one of those replays in my mind where you see everything at 1/60Th of speed that it actually happened. When she arrived in the lot she went across several handicapped spots,for you see around here the handicapped spots are probably twenty in front of store. None were being used at this time of morning. She went across several probably thinking can't Park there and picked actually the farthest one away from store opening anyway. She in my estimation was only in store maybe two and half maybe three minutes.
I know what you're thinking,because I was thinking same thing. It's still not your space. Who was she depriving from being able to use it? No one.
Example. It's three in the morning light is red for oh,let's just say what you think is a half an hour. do you stay till what you know by experience takes someone behind you to click the light green? Or do you run red light?
Example. It's posted 25mph on your street that you have lived on forever.You know it's ridiculous that's 25mph. I mean really, no houses within five hundred yards do you go 25 or 32mph? This precisely what I am talking about. I have become the person who sits in the fast lane driving the freaking posted limit daring anyone to HONK!! But wait! There's hope. You see, I didn't say anything to her! I, who have broken countless number of laws(including grammar and spelling) have finally figured out that it's not my job!! I (the Etiquette Police)don't need to tell them they're doing something wrong!! They KNOW it!!And in closing if they don't care about breaking the law,they sure don't care whether I see it and then tell them about it. Because they know in their heart I too have broken some along the way.

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  1. Etiquette is a touchy thing. Go off on someone and you risk being a hypocrite. Don't do anything and they continue on, then get flustered when someone finally does tell them.

    I wait and go for the bigger faux pas. :D