Monday, April 5, 2010

OH Canada, Really our Friend?

May I start by saying Thankyou for all the responses,although by doing so you may have created a beast. I would like to say that anyone that knows me, knows that I am going to always say things to make you think.
Todays topic is a combination of several things about our neighbors to the north. I will start by saying that I have visited Canada as a child and as a young adult. I have always thought what a beautiful land and have thought that the people have been friendly but, distant. After several conversations with friends of mine and doing a little research,I have discovered something that may shock you.
I can't go into Canada anymore. Yes, I said I CAN'T go into Canada anymore. This is not by my choice but, by their government. Yes, it's true.You see, after 9-11 occurred their government made a deal with the United States to tie into our computers and pull up our entire files. Now you say, no big deal right? I mean if you've done nothing wrong,what's the problem? That's just it.I found out that in Canada, there are no misdemeanors. That's right any arrest no matter when it was, if convicted is considered a felony. So if you have any misdemeanors in your past, you MAY NOT enter Canada. I have a DUI,that I got back in 1989 and as a matter of fact I don't even drink anymore; let alone drink and drive. So much for making a mistake 20 years ago. Our friends to the north don't give out second chances. I have talked to people that have been going to Canada for years and now can't. I mean really. I have a little bit of a problem with this because I now live a little closer to the border and have wanted to veiw the Falls from their side. If you've been up to Niagra Falls,it's kinda run down and sloppy from this side. I have heard that I can make a request to their government for entering, pay a fee and possibly gain entrance but, I ask you why should I? Basically Canada, who is telling me by their standards,I'm a felon and don't deserve entrance to their country.
I guess that's their way of protecting their people and I can't blame them but kinda hurts thinking that they think less of me because I made a mistake over 20 years ago.

Thanks for Listening


  1. Wow. I live within 25 minutes of a bridge and a tunnel going over into Canada and didn't know that. I know people who go over all the time.

    I'm sorry something so long ago in your past can bother you in the present, but unfortunately, their country, their laws.

  2. Good God I was like a baby back then... LOL

  3. Hahahaha. Me too Jen, I think I was in kindergarten. LOL.

    That's really sad that Canada is doing that. I hear it's beautiful... I look forward to going one day.

  4. Wow! I didn't know that. Huh. Does it work the same way for Canadians with records crossing into the U.S? I mean, do we let felons in? Since they don't seem to have a distinction between misdeamenor or felony, like even a shoplifting arrest and conviction when you're 18 would be a felony there, right? So would that disqualify them from entering the U.S.? I don't live near a border and the only time I've been out of the country was when I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. I'm just curious. I've never been arrested, but know some people who have when they were young and stupid.

  5. lol that sucks! & i was a baby too! Good thing i never got into trouble! lol & i too would like to view Nigara Falls. :)

  6. Hey! Welcome to the blogging world, where if you aren't offended by a post, you aren't really blogging!!!

    Just kidding. :D

    Seriously, everyone has an opinion and not all will agree, but it is still fun blogging! I had a blog with nothing but political rants and lemme just say I am so glad it didn't get popular.

    Sorry to hear about Canada. :(